Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Testicular Cancer Symptoms Testicle Implants

testicular cancer symptomsTesticular Cancer Symptoms that lead to an orchiectomy includes a testicular implant. Once the testicle has been removed many men have a FDA approved saline filled testicular prosthesis implanted in the scrotum. This gives the look and feel of a natural testicle. This new testicular prosthesis is made to match the texture of your original testicle and comes in different sizes and is matched to fit you by our urology specialists. The implant is partially inflated and then placed in the scrotum through a small slit. Dr. Gheiler then sutures on end to the scrotum so that it is anchored and then inflates it the rest of the way with more saline to match the size, shape and feel of a normal testicle.

Testicle implants are often covered by insurance and the testicular implant surgery is an outpatient procedure, you do not stay overnight. In some cases, do to medical conditions, overnight stays may be necessary. Our Miami urology staff will see to it that your testicular cancer surgery (orchiectomy) and testicular implant surgery will be a brief interlude from diagnosis to surgical recovery. Dr. Bianco and Dr. Gheiler will follow up by ordering antibiotics and pain medications for the first few days after the orchiectomy and testicular implant surgery.

Testicular implants are not a necessary procedure and are given to the men that request to have them. The cosmetic benefits and being comfortable during intimacy are the primary reasons men have the saline filled testicular prosthesis implanted. The normal physical appearance has led to a high level of patient satisfaction for those that have opted for the testicular implant. These testicular implants have also been used to help in the case of testicular torsion and undescended testicles.   

Testicular cancer symptoms diagnosis, orchiectomy, and testicle implant surgery can be set into motion by simply calling 305 822 7227 or by requesting an appointment online. Testicle implant surgery is a 20 minute procedure and carried out privately by the best urologist staff in Florida. See our Ask the Doctor for questions and answers about testicular cancer symptoms, diagnosis, orchiectomy and testicular implant surgery.


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Testicular Cancer Symptoms
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